Orihuela City Of Spain

Orihuela is the first city founded in the province of Alicante, the capital city of the region of the river of Segura and it was also once the capital of Alicante. It is situated between Alicante and Mucia in a mountainous area.

There is also a noticeable impact from Muslims in the other parts of Orihuela. This city is one of the most fascinating in the whole country because of its architecture since it was already founded in the 8th century. It has gone through many different periods of times and it has always been a quite important city. The city of Orihuela has preserved a great part of the ancient buildings such as the impressive Cathedral of Orihuela.

It was built nearly thousand years ago on the remains of an old mosque. Here you can see evidences of various styles of architecture, since it has taken something from all the periods of time that it has gone through. If you are especially interested in sacral buildings, this city is the best place you should come to because there are many of them – Santo Domingo, Sagrada Familia and others.

To get to know the history and culture of Orihuela you can visit some of its museums. It really offers us a wide range of museums to choose from – the museum of Sacral art, Ethnology, Reconquista and many more.

The city also offers us various opportunities for sports. There is also a nautical club on the beach, so you just need to choose what you like. You can do water-skiing, rent a yacht, play golf or take part in any of the numerous activities this city offers.

Throughout the whole year the weather in Orihuela is warm and pleasant, so there is the wonderful possibility to enjoy one of the white sand beaches of Costa Blanca. The coastal line of the city is about 16 kilometers long. It is a great pleasure to come here for those who enjoy seeing beautiful landscapes and lounging in the sun. The nature of Orihuela offers you an amazing variety. The city is surrounded by olive and orange trees, countryside with large fields of cotton and exotic plants. There is also an astonishing park from the Muslim period of time called El Palmeral.

It is in the shape of a half moon and here you can see thousands of exotic palm trees. If you take a walk and get to know one of Orihuels’s hills, you can enjoy its breathtaking nature with an overview of the Mediterranean Sea and the coastal line as well as the old town. The whole city seems like a green zone because it emphasizes the environmental issues.

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