Museums in Seattle

OLD IS GOLD! So how could Seattle forego its past with the passing times? Seattle is the hub of endless museums ranging from art to science to maritime- in short, covering all aspects of life. Now let’s shed light on the most well-known ones in contemporary times.

The Frye Art Museum is a living legacy and celebration of art. Established in 1952, it got its name from the Charles and Emma Frye- it was their legacy! Internationally renowned artists are keen to have their painting and works of art exhibited here. At the beginning, the museum started off with 232 paintings and now it houses thousands of art work. The Charles and Emma Frye Free Public Art Museum is a privately functioning establishment, shaped in the form of charitable non-profit organization in Washington State.

For exploration of art and crafts, innovative exhibits, dynamic educational programs, special community events and promotional events for regional artists, the Bellevue Arts Museum is the best option. 350,000 visitors participate in the Bellevue Arts Museum’s art fair each year, making it the most prominent and magnificent event in the entire North West! Its catchy slogan used at the time of its establishment was “illuminating and enriching the human spirit through art, craft and design.”

Now coming over to history and ethnicity, the Burke Museum of Natural History And Culture is playing a major role in creating a better understanding and awareness about the world. It is trying its best to inspire people to incorporate art in their lives and learn from it. They are basing their mission statement on moral values of integrity, respect, excellence, stewardship, curiosity and relevance! The museum developed its current name and structure in 1962.

The Center for Wooden Boats openly offers you a chance to gain first-hand aquatic experience on the convoy of ancient wooden boats! They even give out sailing classes as well as one-on-one sailing sessions to youngsters and adults. The organization believes in reveling in our luxuriant, essential and diverse small craft legacy by conserving and revealing both the objet d’art and the time-tested seafaring abilities of sailing, paddling, boatbuilding and maintenance.

Founded by energetic and lively parents, The Children’s Museum would be celebrating their 31st birthday this February, 26, 2011. The aim of the non-profit organization is to revive the delight of innovation and discovery for young children and their families via entertaining, inventive, and practical investigations of the world surrounding them.

Rooting from the early 20th century, Seattle Art Museum developed very rapidly into a globally known museum due to its dedication, hard work and passion! The museum is working on several dimensions, including protection of our environment, sculpture parks and much more! Its major goal is to promote and encourage the awareness, appreciation, understanding and knowledge acquired from art. From marine experiences to ethnic focuses, from children to adults, from wildlife to arts; Seattle covers it all in just one place!